This site is devoted to practical and instructive electronics projects with an emphasis on amateur radio, makers, microcontrollers, and power supplies.

Several projects are based on the Arduino UNO and the ESP8266. Most projects are adapted to stripboard layout that provides very rapid prototyping at very low cost. The Arduino Nano format is a great, low-cost version of the UNO that works well with solderless prototype boards and stripboards.

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Suggested list of tools

Our first kit, the D1M-WX1 Solar Powered Weather Station, is very easy to build because it uses only “through hole” components. Although the breakout or daughter boards mounted to the printed circuit board do contain surface mount devices (SMDs), they are all pre-soldered. Only a few basic electronic shop tools are needed to assemble the …

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D1M-WX1 Instruction Manual Updated

Version 1.2 of the instruction manual is now available. It corrects a few grammatical errors and typos. D1M-WX1 Assembly Manual v1.2

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