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This site is devoted to practical and instructive electronics projects with an emphasis on amateur radio, makers, microcontrollers, and power supplies.

Several projects are based on the Arduino UNO and the ESP8266. Most projects are adapted to stripboard layout that provides very rapid prototyping at very low cost. The Arduino Nano format is a great, low-cost version of the UNO that works well with solderless prototype boards and stripboards.

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Power supply measurements

Most electronic projects operate on low voltage direct current. This is often provided by a USB connection or a battery. There are several possibilities to power a project from the 120 Vac power line. A common way is to use a wall adapter (wall wart) and feed low voltage direct current to your project through a …

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ThingSpeak Addins

Here is a selection of MATLAB Visualizations ThingSpeak Addins  

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HacDC/W3HAC Meeting Presentation Announcement – April 12, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Some of our members recently purchased a solar powered, Arduino programmable, weather station kit from Karl, W4KRL at the Winterfest in Annandale, VA. Due to the popularity of this kit, I invited Karl to come to our next club meeting to give a presentation all about its development, how the station works, etc. Karl has graciously …

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Di Mini (ESP8266) Wi-Fi Status Codes

The ESP8266 using the Arduino Core reports Wi-Fi status with the WiFi.status() function. The D1M-WX1 Weather Station attempts to connect to Wi-Fi every 250 milliseconds until the “Connect” status is found. If this does not happen after 15 attempts, it prints the status to the Serial Monitor. Normally, the LED on the ESP8266 flashes five or six …

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D1M-WX1 Instruction Manual Updated 31 March 2017

Version 1.3 of the instruction manual is now available in the D1M-WX1 project area. It clarifies instructions for installing the ESP8266 core in the Arduino IDE. Adds note to use the D1 Mini USB port, not the TP4056 port for programming. Adds links to YouTube videos. Updates the link to the Weather Station firmware and …

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