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Attic room monitor placement question

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    Joe Clark

    Hi, I have a room in my attic that I am converting to practice mixing in. I am not trying to make Dark side of the Moon, just stepping up from my bedroom.
    The room is 12ft wide by 13 ft long. It is in the attic so it has the angled walls on top. I plan on treating the room with Bass Traps etc with knowledge from this forum/message board. My question is, should I set up the desk so the monitors fire the 13 ft lenght, which would be flat wall (behind the monitors) to flat wall, or set up the desk to fire the 12 ft way, which would have the angled wall behind (just above) the monitors, firing at the opposite wall which has the angle on top as well? Or, will it not matter… Finally, any advice on trap placement etc in a room with this shape?

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