Important Weather Kit Update 16 June 2017

Applies only to kits purchased before May 2018
Some builders have noted that the markings on the XH 2-pin connector leads do not conform to the instructions.  It appears that every pair has a different set of markings. Getting the polarity of the connectors wrong, particularly for the LiPo cell connector, can damage the TP4056 charger and D1 Mini microcontroller.
It is important to note the markings on the leads and identify the positive and negative leads when the connectors are mated. It is best to write down the markings and refer to your notes when soldering the leads to the solar panel and LiPo cell. You may wish to take an extra step and use a DMM to confirm that the positive and negative connections are correct before mating the connectors.
The latest assembly manual (Version 2.2 16 June 2017) has revised instructions for the cell and panel connectors:

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  1. Karl, finally got around to putting the D1S-WX1. together,. Well done and thanks, will try to load software later.
    Butch W4HJL

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