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5C. Assemble Remote Display

The remote display is a companion kit to the IoT Kits weather station. It will receive weather and telemetry information from your weather station over ThingSpeak or the APRS-IS if you are a licensed radio amateur.

Assemble the Kit:

  1. Press the female headers with the short pins onto the pins of the display then set the D1 Mini onto the short header pins. This way everything will be nice and square.
  2. Make sure the silver 8266 “can” is on the side that faces the underside of the display.
  3. Solder the pads on the reverse side of the D1 Mini to the headers.
  4. Cut the wire in half and skin the ends. Bend hooks in one end of each wire and solder the hooked ends to the pushbutton terminals. Solder the other ends to the GND and D1 pads on the underside of the TFT display as shown in the photo.
  5. Make sure the D1 Mini is in the correct orientation for the display: RST to RST, TX to TX, etc.
  6. Supply power to the display from a common USB adapter and Mini USB cable.
  7. You can put the display inside the box supplied with the kit. Cut a hole for the Mini USB connector with an Exacto knife and drill a 5/16-inch hole for the pushbutton. Make sure there is space under the display and beside the D1 Mini to mount the button. Wrap the button terminals with a bit of electrical tape to prevent shorting with the display or D1 Mini.
  8. Michael’s craft store carries a small wooden box with a glass window in the lid. It would make a nice enclosure for the kit.

Pushbutton Connections

Headers set on display

D1 Mini ready to solder

Configuring your APRS Remote Display Kit:

  1. These are temporary instructions for the APRS version of the remote display. E-mail me if you need instructions for the IoT (ThingSpeak) version.
  2. Since you have a working weather station, use may use your station’s SSID or you can use my station as a test: W4KRL-15. You will need to enter the following information into the config.h tab of the IDE:
    1. Your Wi-Fi SSID
    2. Your Wi-Fi password
    3. Your callsign with an unused SSID from 1 to 16. For example W4KRL-15
    4. Your APRS-IS passcode.
    5. The callsign of your IoT Kits weather station: W4KRL-15
    6. Enter the filter for your station, for example b/W4KRL-15
    7. Save the configuration.
  3. The screen changes every five seconds. The weather and telemetry will appear within 5 minutes.
  4. If you have an APRS-enabled transmitter you can send a short text message to the kit using the unit’s SSID. The message will stay on the display until you press the button.