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4. Download IoT Kits Firmware

Click on this link to download a zip file containing the latest IoT Kits firmware.


Use Windows File Explorer to unzip the downloaded file to a known location such as your Download folder. The zip file contains three folders.  Copy the folders to your Arduino folder. This is usually located in your Documents folder.  You will have three new sketches in your Arduino directory:

D1M-WX1-IoT – The Internet of Things (IoT) version for all users
D1M-WX1-IoT-APRS – The IoT and APRS version for licensed users
D1M-WX1_Calibration – An optional sketch to calibrate the LiPo cell voltage reading.

There are two versions of the firmware depending on whether you are a licensed radio amateur (ham) or not. The IoT only sketch is D1M-WX1-IoT and the amateur radio sketch is D1M-WX1-IoT-APRS. All the firmware is in one zip file.

For All Users
Use D1M-WX1-IoT to send your weather information only to a ThingSpeak account. This is for unlicensed users and for license holders who do not want to use the APRS features. See instructions for opening a free ThingSpeak account.

For Licensed Amateur Radio Operators
D1M-WX1-IoT-APRS sends your weather information to your ThingSpeak account and to APRS-IS. You must obtain an APRS passcode and determine your geographic location latitude and longitude in decimal format. Instructions to do this are in the config.h file included in the download.

You may now upload the firmware to the D1 Mini but it will not operate until the weather station is assembled.

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