Describes the theory behind buck switch mode power supplies and shows how to easily modify a unit from a dollar store. The modified unit efficiently steps down nominal 12 Volt (for example, from a car battery) supply to a regulated voltage between about 2 Vdc to 9 Vdc at up to 750mA.

A cheap phone charger can be converted to a boost switch mode power supply to feed a bright LED array. The input voltage of 12 Vdc is stepped up to 28 Vdc to supply an LED array at about 8 Watts.

This presentation describes building an Arduino-based Morse decoder from an article in “Arduino for Ham Radio” by Glen Popeil KW5GP. After having some difficulties with the hardware tone decoder I replaced it with a software filter using the Goertzel Algorithm.

Presentation made to the W3HAC Amateur Radio Club in April 2017. It provides background on how the solar powered weather station was developed

This presentation to the Old Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club in April 2017 details the features of the solar powered weather station.