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To order a kit, send e-mail to Identify the kit numbers and quantities. Include your name, shipping address, e-mail address, and callsign if licensed. I will reply with an invoice payable by credit card or PayPal. Shipping will be combined to reduce your cost.

Kit NumberDescriptionPrice
Single Board Version
Wireless, solar-powered weather station on a single board (82 x 42 mm). All parts and enclosure are included. Breakout boards are socketed for easy replacement.$30.00
Stacked Board Version
Wireless, solar-powered weather station configured as three stacked boards: LiPo charger board, D1 Mini, sensor board. Overall dimensions: 25 W x 45 D x 35 H mm (approx.) Without enclosure. Sensors and charger breakout boards are soldered to the stacked boards.$30.00
Remote DisplayThis kit provides local time synchronized to NIST in analog and digital screens and displays weather data from your D1M- or D1S-WX1 weather station. The data can be received from ThingSpeak or APRS-IS.$15.00 alone
$10.00 when purchased with a weather station kit.
Sensor kitStackable board same as used in D1S-WX1. Mounts an accurate BME280 pressure/temperature/humidity sensor and a BH1750 linear light intensity sensor. Output is compatible with 3.3 V I2C bus as used on ESP8266 systems.$15.00
LiPo charger kitSame as the charger shield used with the D1S-WX1. Based on the TP4056 LiPo charger with micro USB connector. Includes a PROG/RUN switch and voltage divider for the D1 Mini microcontroller.$10.00
ShippingUSPS First Class package with tracking number$5.00